Having issues with your foster case? (Click here)

Having issues with your foster case?

Start by:


1.      Email your social worker and CC their Supervisor

Make ALL emails brief, to the point. State the problem and the solution you would like to have happen.  Make sure to tell them how much you appreciate what they do.

Respond to any emails with the words: “I understand that you are saying_________________”

Remember: The a few deep breathes, count back from 20 to 11, think of a pleasant image, be the professional.

2.Contact your liaison/mentor representative

Region 1&2  https://sites.ewu.edu/fosteringwa/

Region 3,4,5,&6 www.fosteringtogether.org 

3. Email your social workers SUPERVISOR and CC the AREA ADMINISTATOR, CASA/GAL and FPAWS fpaws@fpaws.org

4. Contact FPAWS and request additional help

            1 (800) 391-2273 fpaws@fpaws.org

5. Contact Becky Taylor 360-902-8060 taylores@dshs.wa,gov  Administration Office of Constituent Relations/Foster Care

or 1.800.723.4831       ConstRelations@dshs.wa.gov

6. File a confidential complaint with Ombuds- they report directly to the Governor                  http://ofco.wa.gov/