October 2017 CA Policy Roll-Out Summary

Options for Grandparents and Other Nonparental Caregivers: A Legal Guide for Washington State


Legal Voice is pleased to announce the release of a fully revised and updated edition of Options for Grandparents and Other Nonparental Caregivers: A Legal Guide for Washington State. This handbook is for grandparents and other non-parent caregivers regarding legal relationships with the children in their care. Written in plain language, it gives basic information on key areas of family law, juvenile justice issues, and public benefits, including:


Treehouse Graduation Success program has expanded to the Spokane & Tacoma areas

Treehouse Graduation Success program has expanded to the Spokane & Tacoma areas. Click this link for more information:

2009 Moving a Child Policy


(Practice Change)

Considerations & Notification for Placement Moves

July 2009

When is it effective? July 26, 2009

What does it mean to me?

RA approval is required prior to any placement move for a child who has been in the same placement for 12 months or

longer, except under the following circumstances:

 The child must be moved quickly because safety concerns prevent the child from remaining in the current


Note: If Division of Licensed Recourses (DLR) CPS investigator assesses a child’s safety is in jeopardy,

University of Washington pilot tested Connecting

Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers with teens placed in your home who is 11 – 15 years of age – this information is for you!

Get Help Early: Washington State's Early Psychosis Initiative

Over-Payment Issue Update 9-24-15

For those that are not aware, many foster parents have been receiving over-payment notices that they didn't neccesarily owe, dating back to 6 years ago, and some for thousands of dollars. This has caused a huge stir in the foster care world. Shala Crow of Fostering Together brought this to the latest 1624 meeting as an issue. A few weeks later Beth and I met with Jennifer to follow up and Jennifer has taken action. Here is a note from Jenenifer Strus.


Thank you Meri Waterhouse for sending out this information

WAC revisions to Time Frames for review of CPS findings

“The permanent rules for WAC 388-15-085 and WAC 388-15-093 have been filed with the Office of the Code Reviser and became effective on 9/21/2013.  Attached is the filing and the text of the final rules.  These rules were revised to be consistent with current RCW related to the time frame an alleged perpetrator of child abuse and/or neglect has to request CPS review a founded CPS finding (from 20 days to 30 days) and the time frame by which the review must be completed (from 60 days to 30 days).  


This accumulation of research helps to illustrate that foster students are one of the most at-risk groups for poor school outcomes. Prior abuse or neglect, abandonment, and death or incarceration of a parent can impact the social, behavioral and educational trajectory of youth in foster care. While there have been a number of efforts at both the state and federal levels to improve the prospects of foster students,1 there is still a need for consistent benchmarks and common definitions to monitor progress and track education outcomes for this population.

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