Mary-Jeanne & Larry Smith



In 208 Mary-Jeanne, and Larry Smith be came Co-Presidents of FPAWS. Thier long dedication to the FPAWS mission made them a natural selection. 

Mary-Jeanne, and Larry, have been foster parents for over 20 years. They live in a small rural town in S.E. Washington. Mary-Jeanne is also an alumnus of foster and relative care. The Smith's foster home has a strong focus on family reunification. When reunification was not successful, they took guardianship of several of their foster children, and they became their forever family. They have also been instrumental in assisting their teen foster children with entering college. Mary-Jeanne states "Every child has the opportunity to embrace their past, and have a bright future, with the proper support and love. My work with FPAWS, is about making sure that each child that enters foster care in this state, receives that opportunity."