Great Wolf Lodge May 5-7 PNWCC

Pacific Northwest Caregivers Conference 2017
Great Wolf Lodge

A conference created by caregivers for people that care about kids in care.

FPAWS Pacific Northwest Caregivers Conference 2017 @


Daycare form link at the bottom of this page!

Our conference committee will make every effort to make this to be a great family event!

Whether this is your first journey to our PNWCC or you are an experienced attendee and you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will make every effort to get back to you as fast as we can. Some things to know:

1. This event is organized by volunteers, mostly caregivers who recognize this is a huge endeavor but want you to have this opportunity.

2. We want to create the most stress free environment possible and will need your help.

3. Our presenters and trainers are also volunteering their time for you, please attend classes.

4. The meals we offer are at a 20% discount from what GWL charges us. When we have more funds we will offer greater discounts. You are not required to eat with us. You can still participate in the meal time activities.

5. We offer limited child care, but encourage you to bring your own. We charge a fee to help defray the cost of feeding and housing the 70 volunteers that will take your swimmers swimming and watch your non-swimmers do their thing while you attend classes.


See you there!

Daycare Link: