Gina Coats




Gina Coats, Yakima, Gina has worked with children in Early Childhood and Special Education for over 24yrs. Her passion working with young children had sparked a dream to one day be foster parents with her husband when their birth children were grown and out of the house. About 7 yrs ago that dream was made real beyond anything they could have imagined. They became foster parents on a fast track and adopted their sibling group of 3 only 9months later. They have had many children from 2 days old to 11yrs become part of their lives from 12hrs to 2 1/2 yrs. They adopted their 3yr old and her brother. Gina left her full time job as a Coordinator of an Early Learning Center so that I could stay home with their children and bond with and build a trusting relationship. Advocating for children's rights has always been one of her passions in addition to researching laws, policy and information on brain development and the effects that early trauma has on our children.