Beth and Mike Canfield

Consultant and Executive Director

Beth & Mike, have been involved with FPAWS since the early 1990s. They were FPAWS Co-Presidents for over 10 years. They started as house parents in a group home for up to 10 severely emotionally and mentally disturbed adolescent boys on March 3rd 1983. While at the group home, in cooperation with Children's Administration, they developed their foster home to work with those youth stuck in the group care system. Mike started working as a Child and Family therapist and is now a Master Trainer and Consultant for the State’s Aggression Replacement Training Program. In 1989 Beth became a Fosterparentscope Trainer and continued to train Caregiver Core Training, pre-service, and other in-service trainings with The Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence into the year 2016. In July of 2015 the Board made Mike the Executive Director because of the time it takes to keeps FPAWS moving forward. Beth soon became a FPAWS Consultant. Together Mike and Beth have trained foster parents around the country. Mike's parents and their oldest son have also fostered, making 3 generations committed to helping improve children’s lives. One son (#2) is a Juvenile Probation Officer and their youngest is a nurse. They have 6 grandchildren.