Great Wolf in September 14th-16th

We are headed back to Great Wolf Lodge in September. You can get discount rooms for the weekend of the 14th through 16th. We will hold classes on Saturday only. There will only be one meal, lunch on Saturday. Please join us for lunch! If you participate in Save Our Spot, you will be registered for the vacuums give away! We will have Kids Kamp and Toddler Kamp. 

FPAWS is...

Please reach out to your legislator to support FPAWS! Send them this attachment and a small personal note. 

Mini-Conferences - Training Dates (Click here)

Upcoming Mini-Conferences! 
Great Wolf Lodge September 14th -16th Training on Saturday. Kids Kamp and Toddler Kamp. Stay tuned for the link! 

New Department of Children Youth & Families Timeline

2E2SHB 1661  Establishing the Department of Children, Youth, Families   TIMELINE & SUMMARY 

Having issues with your foster case? (Click here)

Having issues with your foster case?

Start by:


Foster Parent Retention Survey (Click here)

Daycare Form for GWL or a Mini-Conference (Click here)

We will try to provide daycare for all of our FPAWS Mini-Conferences and Great Wolf Lodge. Please use this form or send us all the requested information. Form says 2017, but it is the same for years to come, or until I figure out how to make a better form. If you are a form expert, feel free to take a stab at making this easier for folks!



Release of Information DLR Form(Click here)

If you would like FPAWS to be able to talk to Children's Administration about your case, this form will help.

1624/CAFPT Foster Parent Concern Submission

1624/CAFPT Foster Parent Concern Submission

The 1624/CAFPT board is comprised of volunteer foster parent representatives and regional/statewide leaders from Children's Administration. We meet quarterly to discuss issues that directly affect the recruitment and retention of Washington State foster families.

Ombud's Report 2017 and 2016 Child Fatalities and Near Fatalities

People wonder why folks do foster care. This report from the Omsbud's Office gives some insight as to what we are trying to prevent. Children deserve a good home to grow up in and the people that open there homes to provide a safe environment, even if it is not a perfect environment, deserve the respect and support of all those that don't foster. Click here to see the report on our web page. Think about becoming one of our Amazing 300.


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