Getting Ready for PNWCC at Great Wolf Lodge May 15,16,17 - 2015

As we get ready for the Pacific Northwest Caregivers Conference next May, we will post things here that we hope are helpful for your planning needs. 

1. We are creating a waiting list for families that plan to attend. We only have 150 rooms at the $129.00 rate ($163 after taxes and fees). Once we are sold out we will maintain the list and fill the rooms of folks that drop off. Once we are sold out, we will try to accomidate as many as we can in local hotels. email us at: to get on the list.

US Senate Passes Bill to Prevent Child Sex Trafficking, to the President for Signature

Senate Passes Bill to Prevent Child Sex Trafficking, to the President for Signature

(From an email to Ret. Justice Bobbe Bridge)

Justice Bridge,


New Caregiver Guidelines

The Prudent Parenting law became effective on June 12, 2014.

Clothing Vouchers

In a July 24, 2014 meeting with Jennifer Strus, Assistant Secretary Children’s Administration, she agreed that children coming into a  foster home without sufficient clothing are entitled to a $200 clothing voucher. Jennifer adds that it will take time for the word to trickle down to the Social Workers, so if there are any issues she would like foster parents to take it up the chain until you get the voucher. If you have any questions, contact FPAWS.  

Lawsuit Media Statement 12-8-14

12-8-14 Media Release

In conjunction with a lawsuit filed by the Foster Parents Association of Washington State (“FPAWS”), on behalf of foster families who welcome those children into their homes; please see the Media Statement below regarding the settlement of the lawsuit [FPAWS v. Quigley, et al, No. 3:11-cv-05051-BHS (W.D. Wash)].  

Children’s Administration and the “Prudent Parenting” law.

Legislature passes Senate Bill 6497


WAC regarding the Extended Foster Care Program


This message is being sent on behalf of Edith Hitchings, Director of Program and Policy

Little Wishes for kids in Pierce and Kitsap Counties

Would you please help me get out the word?

Reimbursement Lawsuit Updated

In 2011 FPAWS filed a lawsuit against the State of Washington, seeking a declaration that the State is failing to meet federal requirements under the Child Welfare Act to reimburse foster parents for costs associated with raising foster children.  Earlier this year, the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington ruled that FPAWS has standing to bring the lawsuit and has an enforceable federal right, which means that FPAWS may proceed with its lawsuit.  The Court recently set a

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