Have you used Treehouse services?

Treehouse is a wonderful supporter of FPAWS and we would like to show our support for them as they build this project.

Nominate a Shining Star for FPAWS Night of Shining Awards May 14 at GWL


Donate $25 to get on the Great Wolf Lodge Conference Waiting List


FPAWS Mini-Conference Bellingham Feb.13th 2016

We will be in Bellingham on Feb. 13th for another great mini-conference. Go to:


Post Adoption Support needs our attention!

Bremerton Mini-Conference November 7th was great!

The Bremerton Mini at the Kitsap Conference Center on the Bremerton Harborside was a huge success, because over 100 folks attended great trainings while 75 of their kids were at the YMCA having a wonderful time!  

Over-Payment Issue Update 9-24-15

For those that are not aware, many foster parents have been receiving over-payment notices that they didn't neccesarily owe, dating back to 6 years ago, and some for thousands of dollars. This has caused a huge stir in the foster care world. Shala Crow of Fostering Together brought this to the latest 1624 meeting as an issue. A few weeks later Beth and I met with Jennifer to follow up and Jennifer has taken action. Here is a note from Jenenifer Strus.

Mark Fullington Letter, Please Read!

I just want to share the letter Mark Fullington, Executive Director of Community & Family Service Foundation wrote to their foster parents in support of our Foster Parents Association of Washington State.

The Over-Payment Issue

Hello Team,

                We met with Jennifer Strus and Connie Lambert-Eckel and had an in-depth discussion on the over-payment issue. We will make further appointments to talk about our other issues.

Join the 300 Invest in FPAWS (upper right hand of this page)

You have heard of the small army of Greeks spearheaded by 300 Spartans that did battle with the whole invading Persian army. FPAWS needs our own 300 Friends at the $100 level so that we can keep moving forward. I hope that over the next couple months you will get on the list of 300. Please share as those that don't foster can also be Friends of FPAWS. Click on this story to find the link to Friend FPAWS

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