Treehouse Graduation Success program has expanded to the Spokane & Tacoma areas

Treehouse Graduation Success program has expanded to the Spokane & Tacoma areas. Click this link for more information:

Bremerton Mini-Conference Nov 5th

Once again we return to the Kitsap Conference Center on the Bremerton Waterfront for a day of great training, wonderful camaraderie, really good food and more!

From Seattle you can catch the Bremerton Ferry and be delivered to the conference site.

We look forward to this event each year and hope you can make it.

Release of Information DLR Form

If you would like FPAWS to be able to talk to Children's Administration about your case, this form will help.

1624/CAFPT Foster Parent Concern Submission

1624/CAFPT Foster Parent Concern Submission

The 1624/CAFPT board is comprised of volunteer foster parent representatives and regional/statewide leaders from Children's Administration. We meet quarterly to discuss issues that directly affect the recruitment and retention of Washington State foster families.

Ombud's Report on Child Fatalities and Near Fatalities

People wonder why folks do foster care. This report from the Omsbud's Office gives some insight as to what we are trying to prevent. Children deserve a good home to grow up in and the people that open there homes to provide a safe environment, even if it is not a perfect environment, deserve the respect and support of all those that don't foster. Click here to see the report on our web page. Think about becoming one of our Amazing 300.


Children w/ behav. challenges being sent home from school



1624 follow up - Children w/ behav. challenges being sent home fromschool


Adoption Support Runaway Issue


The following is a response from Children's Administration regarding the issue of Adoption Support stopping your monthly support check when you report the youth as a runaway.


Hello Mike,


Apple Health Foster Care PowerPoint

For your viewing pleasure and information about the new Apple Health Foster Care Program.

Post Adoption Support needs our attention!

Mark Fullington Amazing 300 Letter, Please Read!

I just want to share the letter Mark Fullington, Executive Director of Community & Family Service Foundation wrote to their foster parents in support of our Foster Parents Association of Washington State.

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